EUROPHAR EEIG is a European Economic Interest Association founded in 1997 by the Port Authorities of Valencia, Marseille and Genoa with

the aim of promoting the sustainable development and the environmental protection in the European ports and their nearby areas.

EUROPHAR EEIG provides its expertise and experience in the definition and implantation of Environmental Management Systems in ports, minimizing the environmental impacts of port activities and increasing the protection of their nearby areas like beaches, port-city interfaces, ecosystems, etc. Moreover, EUROPHAR EEIG provides technical and consultancy assistance in the fields of coastal development and oceanography. On the other hand, EUROPHAR EEIG develops safety systems adapted to the industrial surroundings and port facilities, particularly in the port-city interface.

EUROPHAR EEIG participates in training programs for port agents and in raising the general public’s awareness by including the necessary elements for understanding environmental and safety ideas in the port management models.